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Give permission

In this activity, we communicate without words, the starting point of which is eye contact. It is of immense importance in Deaf culture and communication. Don't be afraid to practice longer eye contact than usual! It strengthens both the individual and the team.

Details of activity


Grouping | Joint presence | Tuning | Focusing | Active involvement and presence | Self-perception and partner perception


The participants are in a circle. At the request of the activity leader, everyone makes eye contact with everyone in the circle, this can be done several times - everyone should be sure that they have already met every other pair of eyes. After this, the activity leader introduces and starts the game. Picks someone from the circle to looks to him or her clearly. If that person notices that he or she has been selected, he or she keeps the eye contact and nods, giving permission. Then they both head toward the center of the circle and change places, keeping eye contact all the way (as long as they go opposite). The participant who has been selected by the activity leader in the first round will start the next round and he / she will select someone to swap places with a nod. We continue until everyone has left their original place at least once.

Important: Participants must make sure that the other person has made eye contact and gave permission before changing places. A clear connection between the two people must prevent movement.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Improving focus | Attention to the partner | Cooperation

Related or background activity

The activity can be used as a start to any training session and practising eye-contact. It is recommended to continue with activities where eye-contact is involved.

Form of work

Full group, minimum 8 people. Over 20 people can be divided into two circles

Time of activity

10 minutes 

Age group

Over 8 years of age

Tool, material



Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

The importance of eye contact in Deaf culture


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