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  • Katya Tempfli

Closing the project: the 4th meeting in Athens

It’s time to close the project - finalize the completed methodology, make the related written and the International Sign video materials, and then write the professional and financial report for the project. There was a lot of work, but we’re past a meeting in a good mood and ending a little sadly because of the farewell.

4. Transnational Meeting, Athens, 2021. november 2 – 5.

Athens Participants:

JEL Alapítvány (Budapest) – Arany Brigitta; Seres-Kormány Anita; Tempfli Kátya; Rimóczi Erika

PZG OPOLE (Warsaw) - Anna Hummel; Agnieszka Saganowska; Katarzyna Glozak; Marta Kalinowska

Hands Up Agency (Athens) - Georgios Stathis; Chara Stathi; Athanassios Kapranos; Petros Pissaridis

YOU IN EUROPE (Thessaloniki) - Georgios Androudis; Vasilis Stoulos; Stavroula Pagone; Igor Inemijski.

Venue: EGG (Enter-Grow-Go). Kallithea 176 17, Leoforos Syggrou 190, Athens.

Main agenda

Tuesday 02/11/2021

9-13.30, gathering, ice-break activities, delegation of the final responsibilities.

13.30-14.30 Lunch break.

15.00-18.30 All partners splitted into 2 groups. The first group was responsible for the collection of all the necessary documents and checking if something was missing. The second group was responsible for the video editing and the translation of the content into International Signs. We also discussed the video material and how the video form should be (subtitles-sign language interpretation and footage from the activities during the Youth Camp)

Free time: 19.00 dinner and visit the sightings.

Wednesday 03/11/2021

9-13.30 .Activities which focus on increasing the level of energy and promoting cooperation. After the games the first group continued collecting and checking the documentation while the second group continued editing the videos and translating the content into International signs. 13.30-15.00 lunch break.

15.00-18.30 We Collected all the documents needed and started filling them. The second group continued recording the videos for sign language interpretation. Free time:

19.00 Dinner and a visit to Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Thursday 04/11/2021

9.30-13.30 evaluation of the whole project and of every partner during the project. We discussed the participation of every partner and the benefits each and every member of the professional team gained. The cooperation between every team but also the cooperation between the teams as total. Every member of the professional team was given the chance to express thoughts and feelings about this experience. We also discussed the cooperation between us and we brainstormed ideas about how this project can be expanded and how we can take this project to the next level.

13.30-15.00 lunch break.

15.00-18.00 Written evaluation. Every member of the professional teams wrote down two positive aspects and a constructive comment for each and every participant. Then every member distributed the pieces of paper to the others and they had a small private talk with each other about the positive and the constructive comment. After that all members gathered in a circle and shared thoughts and feelings about the last evaluation of the program.

18.30 Free time: dinner and walk in the centre of the city.

Friday 05/11/2021

9.00-13.30 Continued the evaluation and talked about the long-term sustainability of the website. Every partner expressed thoughts and ideas about the promotion of the website and how this website can remain as a useful tool for teachers and deaf people for years to come. 13.30-15.00 Lunch break.

15.30-17.00 Plans for another online meeting to discuss further the maintenance of the website.We look forward to other projects which will also promote and boost accessibility not only for the deafness but also for every disability.

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