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Sit - Stand - Lay down

With this short, active exercise, you can boost the energy levels of any group and learn speachless cooperation from it.

Details of activity


Get into the situation | Active involvement and presence | Observing | Impulse transfer and reception | Teamwork


With some grouping strategy, we form trios from the participants; these trios are spaced apart in the playing field so that they can see the activity leader in the middle. The task is to agree (by watching each other) within a group, without discussion, who is sitting, who is standing, who is lying - everyone has to make all three of the trio. Participants can’t sign or talk, they just have to look at each other and move like that. At the signal of the leaer (which can be a clap or something visual), the members of the trio have to change positions very quickly - no one can stay in the previous position, but the rule is that 1 member of the trio sits, 1 stands, 1 lies. If the team messes up, or is the last to make the switch, they get an error point. Teams compete against each other. After 3 error points, the team is eliminated.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

When does the group need me? | Cooperation in a complex task | Speed

Related or background activity

Form of work

Whole group, in trios

Time of activity

10-15 minutes

Age group


Tool, material




Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

For integrated or mixed groups, Sign Language or an interpreter is required for instruction. Not during the activity, because the linguistics is uniform (leader only uses one sign to show when to switch).


Activity requires a lot of space.

Due to the movement and speed, the activity is suitable for relaxation and stress relief after an activity that requires higher concentration.

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