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In this long-format activity, we can teach participants more things through non-formal education. They can acquire material knowledge in a chosen topic - in our case, we have taught them concepts from the values of the European Union and Deaf culture. On the other hand, in a complex group task solution, several teams must cooperate for a common goal, striving to balance competition and cooperation.

Details of activity


Cooperation | Learning through non-formal play | Decision planning | Profit and risk assessment | Developing knowledge about the Deaf culture


Participants are divided in groups with maximum 8 person in one group. If participants are from different countries and languages it is the best if groups are mix of them. At the very beginning the groups get 250€. The activity leader present the tasks:

1. All groups have to collect the higher amount of money they can for the common goal.

2. There are three stations in the area of play, leader presents and explains the rules how to get the money on each one of station.

Station 1 - "Balloon station" - there are a lot of balloons in 3 colours, in each balloon there are papers with questions about the knowledge we want participants to learn. It can be about European Union or deaf community. Balloon colour means difficulty level of the question. Participants can buy a question but a balloon price depends on the colour:

Easiest questions cost 50€; Medium questions cost 200€; Hardest questions cost 300€.

After paying for chosen question the station manager breaks the balloon. The group has a time to prepare the answer, if answer is correct they get double amount of money they paid. If not, they lost money they paid.

Station 2 - "casino" - group can choose to play dice or cards. They put any amount of money they want. The station manager puts the same amount on the table, then plays dice or choose one of the cards. The group does the same, the higher number wins. The winner gets all the money on the table.

Station 3 - "Project" - Participants can see six papers with tasks laying on the table, they choose which task they would like to prepare. Task requires cooperation, creativity and knowledge abou deaf culture or European Union (it depends on the project goal). Examples of tasks:  creating a story about something or presenting a pantomime. Every task has it own price, which can be doubled by finalizing the task. The station manager decides how much money the group earns. Tasks prices are between 350-500€.

During the game every station managers are increasing a price of their tasks. Patricipants are earning more money so the cost of the tasks is doubled or tripled. After the given time has passed - ususally it is about 2,5 hours, participants in their groups are counting their money. It is a moment when groups start to compete, so the leader must remind them that the money were earned for common goal.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes


Related or background activity

Long-format, high-difficulty nonformal activity can be played at the apex of a structured process; it is recommended that the activity be preceded by short and other long nonformal activities and by strengthening the relationship and group awareness between the participants.

Not recommended at the beginning of the training process.

Form of work

Group game, groups of 4-5 people. A large group (30-40 people) can also play

Time of activity

Age group

About 150-180 minutes

Over 10 years

Tool, material


baloons, paper, pen, playing cards, dices, a lot of fake money


Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

If we are doing the activity with Deaf participants or in an integrated, deaf-hearing mixed group, it is important that communication is barrier-free. Strive to form mixed-hearing groups and clear communication within groups. The choice of concepts related to deafness and the deaf players' own experiences with it sensitize the hearing participants. When working with a mixed, deaf-hearing group, care should be taken to ensure that an adequate number of interpreters are present.


Activity is recommended for camping or a multi-day training process, where it is important for leaders to know the competencies of the participants.

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