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The Code

An activity based on the cooperation of the group and the individual, which - in case of a high level of attention and playfulness - can be good even for the joint creation of a dance or signed choreography...

Details of activity


Get into the situation | Create a focus | Focusing | Active involvement and presence | Observing | Deepening | Teamwork


Participants face each other in two rows.

Depending on the participants of the group, the facilitator teaches them 3-5 movements or signs that are linked to numbers: e.g. 1 - applause, 2 - toss. 3 - I LOVE YOU sign, 4 - any other known sign, sequence of movements, mini dance, etc. Together, the group practices the numbers and the movements, in a varied order. One participant goes out, in the meantime group discusses a number code and practice the sequence of movements (eg 1-4-5-3-2). After this, the participant returns, the group (pairs facing each other), showing him the sequence of movements, preferably at the same time, without the guidance of the activity leader. The participant must say the numeric code based on the order of the movements and join the pattern. If the group manages to record the same pace, dynamics, the guessing participant can get involved very easily.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Cooperation in a complex task | Consistency | Group and pair problem solving | Confident performance in front of the group | Don't be afraid to make mistakes! | Take advantage of the opportunities that arise from the error!

Related or background activity

Form of work

Whole group in two raws (10-12 people minimum)

Time of activity

10-15 minutes

Age group

Over 10 years of age

Tool, material




Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

For integrated or mixed groups, Sign Language or an interpreter is required for instruction. Not during the activity, because the linguistics is uniform (numbers and signs).


3-5 laps are recommended

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