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The lovers are between us

Love always triumphs - even in this activity, where participating lovers have to find each other without words, through all obstacles. Great practice in the group to strengthen personal relationships.

Details of activity


Focus on attention | Teamwork | Self - perception and partner perception | Monitoring | Joint presence | Tuning | Active participation and presence


Participants stand in a circle, but everyone’s backs point inward. The facilitator asks the participants to close their eyes, at which point he or she stands in the middle of the circle and selects two participants and touches their backs. This touch indicates to the two participants that they are in love. Their job is to find each other and embrace each other. But they don’t even know they’re looking for each other - no one knows they’re in love. The purpose of the other participants is to prevent lovers from meeting. Everyone walks the space, in their own way and at their own pace. Lovers try to find and seduce their partner with eye contact. You can't talk - only your eyes communicate. If they believe they have found each other, they must embrace each other. In this case, love triumphed. However, the other participants can prevent them from meeting each other, on the one hand, if they notice that the two are about to embrace each other, they can stand between them (in this case, the circle is over) or suspect others. The facilitator will tell whether X and Y are in love or not. If so, the round is over. If not, the lovers will continue to look for each other. The goal is for others to find each other without their knowledge. Multiple rounds can be played.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Cooperation without words | Strengthening group awareness | Relaxing group dynamics

Related or background activity

Activity can be played along the “when I need it” question, after the Chaos in the room activity. Participants are brought together emotionally well by this activity.

Form of work

Full group, (max. 20 people; group division recommended above)

Time of activity

25-30 minutes 

Age group

Over12 years of age

Tool, material



Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

Wordless collaboration with observation. Communication with signs and gestures. Importance of eye contact.


Before the activity, ask if the hug is comfortable for everyone

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