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Traffic Signs

In this activity, we specifically aimed to use only visual effects instead of the applause in the original game. This is the basis for adapting to Deaf users, but there are still a number of things to look out for. This practice includes all the elements that make you play well, regardless of your hearing condition.

Details of activity


Movement | Drain the tension | Focus, attention | Teamwork | Self-perception and partner perception


Participants are divided into two groups and placed in two columns a few meters next to each other. One of the activity leaders is approx. 10 meters away from the participants in the two columns, opposite them. He is the goal, we can show this with a long rope on the ground, and there must be free space behind the person. In a line opposite it, we place two hoops or circles made of rope on the ground opposite the two columns. The purpose of the participants in the column is to get to the hoop, lift it, pull it over, put it down, and then get to the part behind the activity leader.

The trick is that the leader can control when the participants can move. He shows two movements: his hand is up or his hand is down. When his hands are up, participnats cannot move. When down, they can move. Participants in the two columns start at the same time - in case the facilitator has his hands down. As he lifts up, participants has to freeze, whenever they are. Anyone who moves and is noticed by the leader, goes back to the starting point (beginning of the column) and tries again. The goal of the activity is for people in both columns to get to the hoop and then get to the target zone. The leader aims to prevent this. It’s worth starting slowly, but if the participants are skillful, you can alternate movement very quickly, which increases excitement.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Rapid reactions | Attention | Focus

Related or background activity

Suitable for relaxing after activity requiring greater concentration or focus.

Form of work

Whole group in 2 columns (10 people minimum)

Time of activity

20 minutes 

Age group

Over 8 years of age

Tool, material


2 circles made of hoops or ropes (in the absence of this, other tasks can be given, eg raising a ball from the ground above your head or sitting on a chair)


Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

The original activity operates with clap (one clap - you can move, two claps  - you have to freeze). Because of the Deaf participants, we visualized the sign.


Large space-consuming activity.

High energy generating activity; can be played with a group with good group dynamics for a long time

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