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Virus ball

We don’t like viruses, especially not lately. But in this activity, as viruses spread, we model how many different people can work together for a common goal.

Details of activity


Stress relief | Teamwork | Self - perception and partner perception | Monitoring | Joint presence | Relax


It's a kind of catch-and-throw mix activity. You need a soft, not very bouncing ball. We need a volunteer, he will be the host of the virus, or the number one infected. Whoever is infected can be the ball and the ball can touch others, thus transmitting the infection. However, when the ball is in your hand, you cannot move out of place, your feet will stick to the ground. From this position, you should try to infect others (the first can be activity leader so you don’t get stuck in the game). It is in the interest of those infected to infect others. They can pass the ball to each other, but if they have it, they can’t move out of place. As the number of infected grows, they need to collude better and better to encircle and catch the uninfected. The playing field must be precisely designated. If it is too big, it will be very difficult to catch all the players.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Cooperation without words 

Related or background activity

It is suitable for a start-up, energizing exercise if the group already knows each other. Good relaxation and stress relief even after a task that requires a high concentration in the training process

Form of work

Full group

Time of activity

20-25 minutes 

Age group

Over 8 years of age

Tool, material

A small, soft ball



Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

Wordless collaboration with observation. Communication with signs and gestures. Importance of eye contact.


High energy exercise, then allow time to participants to rest

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