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Basic beginner activity for creating atmosphere and attention to each other. Continuation of the Clap Dance activity. The presence of a Sign Language interpreter is required only for the instructions, because the practice is bilingual (speech and Sign Language).

Details of activity


Warm up the group | Tuning to the topic | Development of the "here and now" feeling | Becoming to a group | Creation of concentration | Introduction to the communication without words | Tuning to the theme | Self-perception and partner perception


Simple group-forming activity, continuation of the Clap Dance activity. The participants are standing in a circle. The facilitator begins a simple gesture: swinging his hand in front of him, like he passes an “energy ball” to the one to his left, a WOOSH! accompanied by a shout. The next participant also quickly swings forward to the one to his left (WOOSH!) And so on, everyone in the circle. If everyone pays attention, a very fast circular motion can be created on the pattern of waving. Practice for a few rounds. The movement in the circle can be reversed in the other direction if someone raises both hands on the WOOSH coming to them and says: AAAA! This turns the circle back on and the WOOSH moves in the other direction. Anyone can reverse the direction. If it’s already going well, we can also combine the Clap Dance movement: participant does not pass on the coming WOOSH, but selects someone with eye contact and pass it on to them by a clap. The other player accepts the clap and can decide whether to continue the WOOSH sideways, or to pick someone from the front and send them a clap, or to pass the move back with the AAAA! move (here you can choose from 3 options).

Other options to add more patterns in the circle: RAMP. In the WOOSH circle if I say: RAMP and I show a ramp with my hand over my head, the person next to me will be left out and the circle will continue.

When I say: TUNNEL - the next 2nd person in the WOOSH circle rotates 90 degrees, stands in straddle, and the next person has to hide between his legs, and then the pattern continues from him.

Eligible competencies, skills, attitudes

Listening to each other | Cooperation | Rapi reactions | Focused attention | Nonverbal expression | Eye contact

Related or background activity

continuation of the Clap Dance activity

Form of work

Whole group

Time of activity

10-12 minutes

Age group

Every age group

Tool, material


Standing in the circle, making eye contact, focusing


Deaf Culture / awareness / discussion

Each rule should be shown with voice and hand gesture, so it is clear to Deaf participants what is happening.


The activity is recommended for everyone from primary school to adults.

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